The Optical Communications Group (GCO) at department of Signal Theory and communications (TSC) camesout research and education in the area of the theory, technology and engineering in optical fiber communications and their applications.


The Optical Communications Group (GCO) is part of the Signal Theory and Communications Department (TSC). Our key research areas involve Optical Fiber Technologies, Raman Spectroscopy and High-Speed Networking.



Our experience is related to optical wavelength domain transport and access networks (WDM, HDWDM, SCM), broadband fiber transmission, sources and receivers, all-optical amplification, optical heterodyne detection, wavelength stabilization and monitoring, transparent WDM network architectures and management, optical linear and non-linear distortions, polarization/PMD treatment and network quality monitoring.



The group is integrated in the Advanced Broadband Communications Centre (CCABA) -CCABA is the acronym of ''Centre de Comunicacions Avançades de Banda Ampla''. The CCABA was set up in January 1994 with the aim of consolidating a multi-disciplinary research group: the Integrated Broadband Communications research group, the Optical Communications, the Radio Communications and the Broadband Communications groups. The UPC supports this research centre and its laboratory was partially funded by the Spanish Education Ministry (CICYT) and by Research Commission of the Catalan Government (CIRIT) under several grants. In the EC IV Framework Programme the UPC participated in the Spanish National Host through the network platform of the CCABA.



The GCO laboratories are fully equipped with broadband instrumentation for WDM and high bit rate opto-electronic system design and characterization, as well as long haul fiber link measurements and IP-ATM-SDH-WDM networking.



Another field of experimental and theoretical interest is the Raman Spectroscopy applied to the identification of materials, in particular pigments of artworks.










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