Optical Networks and Technologies


The Optical Networks and Technologies team of the GCO at TSC-UPC is a highly recognized group led by:



Focused in 3 main lines:

A)    Data Transmission, Physical Layer Infrastructure and Optical Networks Architectures. 

B)    Management and Control Plane with Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and support to 5G-enabled network infrastructures.

C)    Optical Technologies as Optical Fiber Sensors, Optical Wireless Communications, Integrated Photonics and Nanotechnologies.




The group is leading and/or participating in EU H2020 projects:

  • METRO-HAUL: METRO High bandwidth, 5G Application-aware optical network, with edge storage, compUte and low Latency (2017-2020)
  • SLICENET: End-to-End Cognitive Network Slicing and Slice Management Framework in Virtualised Multi-Domain, Multi-Tenant 5G Networks (2017-2020)
  • ONFIRE: Future Optical Networks for Innovation, Research and Experimentation (2017-2021)


And leading National Research projects:

  • TWINSCogniTive 5G application-aware optical metro netWorks Integrating moNitoring, data analyticS and optimization (2018-2020)
  • ALLIANCE: Architecting a knowLedge-defined 5G-enabLed network Infrastructure towArd the upcomiNg digital soCiEty. (2018-2020)


Other Personnel participating:


  • Fernando                   
  • Albert
  • Post-Docs de Luis

PhD students:


Initiation to Research scholarship:

  • Josep Cerdà Roscar                           josep.cerda@upc.edu